Denver prosecutors have charged two teenagers with killing a disabled man with ties to the Shenango Valley and leaving his body in a wheelbarrow.

According to the Rocky Mountain News, William A. Murray, 43, formerly of Sharpsville, was found in a wheelbarrow, his legs hanging over the side and his wheelchair nearby, the morning of May 21 in the back yard of a small apartment building at 50 S. Alcott St. in Denver where he lived. One of the accused teens, Jonathan Hall, 19, sometimes stayed in the same building, a family member reported.

Prosecutors charged Hall and Anthony Soto, 18, with killing Murray, the newspaper said.

Police said Hall was arrested after bloodstained jeans and shoes were found in his apartment.

Murray had been drinking with Hall and Soto in “the smoking room” at the apartment building and offered them some painkillers, Hall told police. Since then, the family member said, toxicology reports show no alcohol in Murray's system and investigators have determined the pair were attempting to rob Murray of the painkillers.

Soto, who was arrested later, was living in a residential treatment center for homeless, mentally ill, abused and at-risk youth, authorities said.

According to court papers, Soto told police that Hall suggested they rob Murray, and they dragged him outside and hit him with pieces of concrete.

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