Two changes have been made to help Mercer County voters this year.

The first affects all voters, who can now visit the county website and view the ballot for the upcoming election.

There’s also a new photo of a highlighted voter ID card which helps voters find their precinct.

“It’s a nice little addition to hopefully help our voters become more familiar with their ballots,” said Jeff Greenberg, Mercer County elections director.

The ballot can be found at by clicking on a link for voter registrations and elections then clicking on “preview your election ballot.”

The other change applies to members of the military or overseas civilians, who can now have their ballots e-mailed to them.

When those voters receive their voter application, they can put in an e-mail request, and when their application is processed they’ll get a notice that their ballot is ready. They then have to print out their ballot and mail it with an envelope template and signed affidavit verifying their information.

“What this process does is it eliminates the first step of an application process which can be time consuming when you’re talking about sending mail overseas in that they don’t have to wait for us to send them the ballot,” Greenberg said. “It’s definitely a benefit for those voters.”

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