Jonah Montgomery plays with some of his favorite toys in his Hermitage home. The 6-year-old is raising money so that others can have a merry Christmas.

Jonah Montgomery looks like an ordinary 6-year-old.

He likes all things Star Wars, the Transformers, and Matchbox cars. Scuttling about his Hermitage home, he’s a blur of motion, running from dining room to kitchen to living room with a blast of joyous energy.

His mom and dad, Shannon and Devin Montgomery, say Jonah is a good kid who earns a $7 weekly allowance.

Last week, mom challenged him to do something extraordinary:

Use the cash as the base for a Christmas fund to help someone else. She’d match his money with $7 of her own.

Mrs. Montgomery thought maybe he’d also ask his grandparents and other family members to donate some cash to his fund.

Then he started going door to door and asking people at church. And now Noah’s Christmas fund is at $319 — and rising.

“We’ll be getting more,” Noah said Tuesday night, a smile stretched across his face.

“We’re going to count it up and whoever doesn’t have enough for Christmas, we can buy them stuff for Christmas.”

This isn’t Noah’s first stab at philanthropy.

He’s also donated some of his old toys to others at previous Christmases for “I’d say 88 years,” he joked.

He’s smart enough to know that isn’t true.

“It’s been six years, huh,” he asked, looking at his mom.

This year he donated his collection of Rescue Hero vehicles and action figures to a nursing home in the Pittsburgh area that was building a nursery for visiting families.

“They’re like 4-year-old and 5-year-old toys,” Jonah saying, referring to the age group the toys were intended for.

“I never have felt sad about giving away toys,” he said.

“We talked about what Christmas was all about,” Mrs. Montgomery said. “What did you tell me Jonah?”

“It’s about helping people,” he said.

This year he hopes to help a girl he knows who could use a Merry Christmas.

“We’ll go out and pick out all kinds of things for her,” like a pretty skirt, some shoes, maybe, he said.

And Jonah’s hoping to have enough to score a big gift: “I’m hoping for a Barbie Dream House,” he said.

To donate to Jonah’s fund, contact the Montgomerys at 2866 Michael Lane, Hermitage 16148.

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