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Greenville council took steps Monday night to secure a crumbling building and reopen Main Street .

GREENVILLE – Local administrators and elected officials took steps Monday night to secure a crumbling building and reopen Main Street.

The partial collapse of a three-story brick building last month led to the closure of Main Street along the length of the downtown business corridor. Main Street has been blocked off between Water and Mercer Streets since, with local traffic being diverted onto Clinton and Shenango streets.

The town has reached an agreement with the building’s owner, according to council member Sean Hall, to purchase the property in question for $1 at any point during the next 36 months, provided they’re able to come up with grant or other funding to demolish or repair the structure.

In the meantime, Hall said, scaffolding will be put up to secure the building for the short term.

“It was the only way we’d be able to get the street open,” Hall said, noting that the property’s owner “does not possess the resources to secure the structure at this time.”

Construction on the scaffolding was set to begin this week, according to Hall, with officials hoping that Main Street will be reopened “within the next couple weeks.”

“We’re not repairing the building – just doing the minimum work required to protect the public from a safety hazard,” Hall said.

That work is expected to cost about $24,000, Hall said, calling the expense “the lesser of two evils” between spending money or continuing to have the street closed.

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