Dog shot

Zeus broke free through a hole in the fence where his owners, the Simions, keep their goats that the dogs guard on Stewart-Sharon Road. He entered the yard of Daniel Hartzell and was later found dead. Brookfield police say Hartzell shot Zeus five times.

BROOKFIELD – Sue Simion bought a Great Pyrenees puppy Thursday as a replacement for one that was shot after getting loose from her Brookfield property.

Zeus and Patty – both Great Pyrenees – broke free Tuesday through a hole in the fence where the Simions keep their goats that the dogs guard on Stewart-Sharon Road.

The dogs made their way to Bedford Road, and the home of Daniel Hartzell. 

According to a police report, Hartzell said the dogs were attacking animals on his property Tuesday and showed police a dead duck.

Police said Hartzell chased the dogs off his property, continued across the street and fired at least 10 times at them. Zeus was hit five times and was later found dead.

Simion said that the Great Pyrenees breed is known for having a mild temperament.

“Even if he did kill a duck he didn’t deserve to die that way,” she said, adding that the dog was only 2 years old.

Hartzell was charged with discharging a weapon on the road and Simion was charged with confinement of dogs because her dogs were running loose.

Simion said she made $5,000 selling Great Pyrenees puppies last year.

Simion said her dogs had been loose before and because of the heat, she had not had a chance to check the fence for holes.

Brookfield police Chief Dan Faustino said the police investigated the incident and conferred with the Trumbull County Prosecutor’s office, which advised police on the charges.

“It’s illegal to injure or kill an animal,” said Brookfield police Chief Dan Faustino. “However, we have to make sure of the revised code section. We can’t run off and charge someone because we didn’t agree with them shooting the animal.”

Simion said she is mourning the loss of Zeus, but wanted to thank the several people who joined the search.

“I want to thank everybody who came out and helped us search for him that day,” Simion said. “I had at least two dozen people that I didn’t even know.”

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