MEADVILLE – A Meadville man has been fined $200 plus court costs after pleading guilty Monday in connection with an Election Day disturbance at a city polling precinct.

Last week, Meadville Police Department charged Shawn Lee Denman, 61, of the 600 block of Park Avenue, with a non-traffic citation of disorderly conduct.

On Election Day, police were called to Meadville’s 1st Precinct 1st Ward polling location at Grace United Methodist Church, 828 N. Main St., around 11 a.m. after Denman became agitated with both election poll workers and voters.

After voting in person via machine, Denman had refused to leave the polling station, according to election officials. Denman then claimed to be a poll watcher, but had no credentials or poll watcher certificate, officials said.

Police charged Denman with creating “unreasonable noise during polling hours that did create annoyance and alarm to poll workers and voters.”

Denman is registered to vote as a Republican, according to online Pennsylvania voting records.

Meadville Police Chief Michael Tautin confirmed Denman was carrying a handgun but also had a valid concealed-carry permit for it that he showed to officers. Denman never showed the weapon to anyone at the polling station and made no overt threats, Tautin said.

In Pennsylvania, concealed-carry permits for a firearm are issued by the county sheriff’s office where the person resides and are valid for up to five years.

Crawford County Dave Powers confirmed Denman has a concealed-carry permit for a firearm and that the permit is under review by his office.

The disorderly conduct charge was graded as a summary level offense with a maximum penalty of 90 days in jail and a $300 fine.

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