SOUTH PYMATUNING TOWNSHIP — Two new supervisors formed an immediate majority on the township’s governing body Monday during the board’s reorganization meeting.

Supervisors Laurel Alexander and Matthew Chalupka won elections last year. Alexander was elected to a two-year term and Chalupka claimed a four-year term.

William Klumph, who has four years remaining on his term in office, returned as the third supervisor.

Alexander was named chairwoman in a unanimous vote, but the two new supervisors prevailed on several other matters over Klumph’s objections.

Chalupka was voted assistant chairman and director of public works, and Alexander was approved as assistant director of public works and Klumph as second assistant director of public works. All of the votes were 2-1, with Klumph dissenting.

Klumph had previously served as assistant director of public works and said he wanted to serve in the director position. Alexander responded that Chalupka had not served in the position before.

“I wanted him to be the director because he’s new and this can give him a chance to learn,” Alexander said of Chalupka.

Keith McKnight was appointed secretary-treasurer, a position previously occupied by Rose Lyons. Lyons had also been on the board of supervisors, but lost her bid for re-election last year.

Klumph voted against McKnight’s appointment.

Klumph opposed other appointments, including Chalupka as voting delegate at the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors convention and as the township’s representative to the Mercer County Council of Governments, a post Klumph held previously.

All of the actions passed in 2-1 votes.

Alexander said the appointments weren’t personal, but Klumph disagreed.

“It certainly seems like it,” Klumph said.

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