These real estate transfers were recorded recently in Mercer County:

• Gregg D. Minnick and Amy D. Minnick to George J. Ross and Jenna M. Ross. Property in South Pymatuning Township; $335,000.

• William E. Knight, executor, estate of Gerald Eugene Knight, also known by Gerald E. Knight, to William E. Knight. Property in Springfield Township; $0.

• Cedric A. Butchy and Roberta J. Butchy to Fred R. Jordon and Julie A. Ollila. Property in Mercer; $200,000.

• Cedric A. Butchy and Robert J. Butchy to Martin Family Trust dated 05/13/2015. Property in Mercer; $22,000.

• Jon A. McLaughlin to Martha Harriet McLaughlin. Property in Worth Township; $0.

• Arun S. Sawardekar and Shubhada A. Sawardekar to Ronald W. Rumbaugh and Suzanne K. Rumbaugh. Property in Pine Township; $300,000.

• Larry F. Miller to Douglas F. Miller. Property in Sugar Grove Township; $0.

• Danny Lee Burrows, estate by executor, Danny L. Burrows, estate by executor, Sally L. Patrick, executrix Sally L. Wells, executrix, and Judy Ann Baldwin, executrix, to Ervin J. Troyer and John C. Troyer. Property in Perry Township; $407,000.

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