HERMITAGE — City officials are looking to prepare residents for some adjustments when Hermitage’s current garbage contract expires at the end of the month.

Effective on Aug. 1, residents will see some changes as to what they will be tossing in the garbage and what can still be recycled. Hermitage Assistant Director of Planning and Development Jeremy Coxe said glass, for example, will no longer be accepted for recycling.

“We are investigating other programs that could be options for our residents who desire to recycle glass and will announce details once they are finalized,” Coxe said.

Plastic bags should be placed in the garbage, although they can be recycled at local grocery stores. Certain household plastic bottles will still be able to be recycled, but only those that are labeled as No. 1, No. 2 or No. 5, which includes milk jugs and water bottles.

Items such as glass bottles and jars are no longer recyclable under the new contract due to a lack of markets and high costs. This isn’t something limited to local programs but is happening across Pennsylvania and the United States.

The items that are deemed recyclable are not identified as such by the recycling centers that market the materials instead of the municipalities. But Coxe said glass could be allowed back into the recycling program if its recycling markets open up in the future.

“Residents are reminded to only recycle what is listed as acceptable,” he said. “Many years of people placing unacceptable items into their recycling bins have contributed to the current recycling crisis.”

Hermitage’s electronic waste disposal program will continue, in which residents are allowed to drop off electronics from 7 a.m. to noon on the first and third Fridays at the city garage. However, residents will now be required to purchase a $10 tag per item.

The new five-year contract with Tri-County Industries was approved by the Hermitage Board of Commissioners at their April meeting. The previous contract was also with Tri-County Industries.

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