SHARPSVILLE — A couple of roads in Sharpsville will get a number of improvements this summer.

The project will include milling and repaving along North Sixth Street and West High Street in Sharpsville, from the intersection of High Street and North Walnut Street to the intersection of North Sixth Street and the intersection of West Main Street.

Crews from Wilson Excavating and Grading Inc. of New Wilmington replaced a water line along West High Street from North Sixth Street to North Mercer Avenue earlier this year before the road restoration project, said Sharpsville Borough Manager Ken Robertson.

“They’re two separate projects, but we wanted to repair the water line first so that we didn’t have water leaks coming up through a new road,” Robertson said.

Construction is expected to begin mid-summer and to be completed by mid-fall, said Winslow Engineering project manager Larry Habarka. No detours are planned, though certain portions of the project may require flag crews to maintain at least one lane of traffic.

The eastern portion of West High Street was reconstructed in 1979 and last paved in 2000, while the western portion of West High Street and North Sixth Street were reconstructed and paved in 1991. The street is used by an estimated 430 vehicles a day, PennDOT reported.

Along with repairing the streets, the project also will include building curbs and sidewalks, and adding pavement markings and signs to encourage bicyclists.

“We couldn’t put a separate bicycle lane in because the road wasn’t wide enough, but there will be signage and markings so that bicyclists and vehicular traffic will know to share the lane,” Habarka said.

He said the addition of sidewalks and bicycle signage is also intended to help connect the sidewalks already added to East High Street a couple years ago, since the eastern portion of West High Street doesn’t have any sidewalks.

The continuous sidewalk will allow residents along High Street to access the Erie Canal Riverwalk Park, located in a green space off of East High Street Extension.

“People will have better access to the recreational areas toward Kelly Road and the canal park, and the shopping areas of the borough,” Robertson said.

The project is being paid for using Surface Transportation — Urban funds from the Shenango Valley Area Transportation Study Metropolitan Planning Organization, which approved the borough’s request for funds in February of 2018.

The project plans will be displayed from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. from Monday, March 25, through Friday, April 5, at the Sharpsville Borough building, 1 Main Street, Sharpsville.

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NOTE: This article has been edited to correct the name of a company that performed water line work in Sharpsville.

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