The two local teens who ran away from home last week have returned home safely.

“They came back to us safe,” Shannon Reiter of Jefferson Township said Wednesday morning.

Her daughter, Emma Reiter, 14, had left the area on July 9 with her boyfriend, 17-year-old Jarod Steese of Pine Township.

Both teens had left notes for their parents saying they planned to discard their cell phones, and their families shouldn’t look for them.

Emma and Jarod were found Tuesday night after someone came forward with information, Reiter said.

She did not disclose details about who located the children, or where and when they were found.

State police, which had been investigating the teenagers’ disappearance, confirmed that they had been found and returned home.

Both teenagers are at home, Reiter said. She confirmed that someone had driven the teens out of town, and they weren’t far from their homes when they were discovered.

Reiter said she was grateful for everyone who helped spread the word and offered support.

“It was amazing,” Reiter said of the community outreach, which included passing out flyers and posts to social media.

While the teens were missing, Reiter said there were rumors that they stole money from Emma’s home before leaving. Reiter said the rumors were false and that the teenagers did not take any money from her.