WEST MIDDLESEX – A $19,000 sewer fix hasn’t hasn’t gone well for a section of West Middlesex.

Lillibridge Village, a manufactured-home community in town, has had continual problems with a sewer pump on the site, Bob Lark, president of borough council, said at council’s regular meeting Wednesday.

Engineers were hired to check the situation, he said.

“They were appalled that there was only one pump there,’’ Lark said. “There should be at least two there – maybe even three.’’

After the meeting Lark acknowledge that West Middlesex bears the responsibility of maintaining the pump. The responsibility falls on the West Middlesex Municipal Authority, which oversees the sewer system. Lark serves on the authority board.

“We have to do something,’’ he said of the authority getting the pump station to work properly.

The extended Labor Day holiday was particularly bad, Lark said.

“We had to hire somebody to pump out the sewage there three times over the holiday,’’ he said.

In all, the authority has spent $19,000 in repairs and other work to get the system to work, Lark said.

“We send somebody there every day to check on it,’’ he said.

That was backed up by Ed Lillibridge, property owner of the community.

“They check every day. It hasn’t been a problem here,’’ Lillibridge said of any sewage backup issues.

Lillibridge explained that the pump station has a reservoir which handles excess sewage.

Several residents, none of whom wanted to give their name, agreed that they haven’t had sewage problems in their homes.

In a separate sewer matter, Lark told fellow council members that no bill has been received from Shenango Township. West Middlesex shares a sewage system with the township which is being upgraded and extended in Shenango Township.

Members of the Shenango Township Municipal Authority have said that West Middlesex owes money for work done on their shared sewer plant a decade ago. The amount owed has varied but appears to be more than $100,000. Lark has has been continually skeptical that West Middlesex owes anything.

Shenango Township has been saying for months a bill will be sent but it has never materialized, Lark said.

Debbie Larouche, newly sworn-in mayor for West Middlesex, offered to go to Shenango Township to pick up the bill.

“It doesn’t exist,’’ Lark said of the bill.