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The Sharpsville Area Historical Society will be hosting tours of Riverside Cemetery, pictured here, from 2 to 4 p.m. Oct. 8.

SHARPSVILLE — An upcoming tour of Riverside Cemetery will give visitors a chance to learn not just about the cemetery, but some of the people from Sharpsville’s history.

The Sharpsville Area Historical Society will conduct the tours from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 8, at the cemetery. The tours are open to the public and do not require reservations or tickets.

The tours will feature 10 stops throughout the cemetery, which was founded in 1872. A free booklet complementing the talks at each stop will be provided.

Each stop will provide information at graves of people who led some of the “more interesting lives” in Sharpsville, including industrialists, an inventor, the proprietor of Trout Island, and a War of 1812 veteran.

Society Treasurer Ralph Mehler said one example will be Jonas Pierce, who built the mansion on Shenango Street and whose surname is now featured on a prominent monument in Riverside Cemetery.

“There’s certainly going to be some of the more recognizable families on the tour, but even if something’s not on the tour, I’m sure people will see a lot of familiar names on the headstones,” Mehler said.

The event at Riverside Park will be similar to previous tours organized by the Sharpsville Area Historical Society over the years, such as house tours and a church tour.

Depending on the cemetery tours’ reception, Mehler said the society could potentially hold more cemetery tours in the future. The number and division of the tours on Oct. 8 will also be determined by visitor attendance.

There will be a donation box for the society at the event.

The event’s entrance will be at the Riverside Cemetery’s north gate on Mercer Avenue, Sharpsville, closer to Wade D. Mertz Towers apartments.

Mehler said visitors could park along the street or at the nearby Sharpsville Plaza.

More information can be found on the “Sharpsville Historical Society” Facebook page and the society’s website, sharpsvillehistorical.org.

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