HARRISBURG — The Pennsylvania Inspector General office filed welfare fraud-related charges against 178 people during the first quarter of 2019.

That list included three Mercer County residents. 

The state charged Rebecca Fry of Jamestown, based on allegations that she fraudulently obtained $10,838.48 in medical assistance aid.

Michael Riggins of Sharon is accused of fraudulently obtaining $711 in SNAP, food stamp, benefits and $2,572.74 in medical assistance aid.

Jessica Kiser of Hermitage is accused of fraudulently obtaining $995.40 in cash assistance and and $2,016 in SNAP benefits.

The 178 people charged owe $886,055.54 in restitution to the state for the value of the benefits obtained fraudulently, according to the state Inspector General’s office.

Of the 178 people accused, 90 were charged with felonies. The Inspector General’s office said those accused would be temporarily banned from receiving public benefits in the future.