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SHARON – Police are taking extra precautions Friday after a rumor of a threat passed around Sharon High School students.

"The investigation is ongoing and at this point we do not deem the threat credible," Capt. Travis Martwinski said.

Someone called an anonymous tip in Wednesday morning reporting that a student had a knife on him during school.

A 14-year-old student was removed from the school for having a cutting instrument on him, Martwinski said.

The student was petitioned to juvenile court for having a weapon on school property.

On Thursday at approximately 6:30 p.m., police were called by a parent reporting a threat and took it seriously, Martwinski said.

"We were in touch with school officials all night and this is the plan we came up with," Martwinski said.

Sharon school Superintendent Michael Calla put out an all-call to high school parents on Thursday stating that there was a rumor going around that was not considered to be serious but they were taking extra precautions anyway.

"We assisted children at the beginning of school and we will do the same thing at the end of the day," Martwinski said.

After an assembly at the high school Friday afternoon, police plan to dismiss students from the gymnasium and out of the school.

The driveway in between the high school and Case Avenue Elementary will be blocked off and no one will be permitted to pick up their children on the public areas of Forker Boulevard.

"This is to assure that everyone gets in and out safely and we have no incidents," Martwinski said.

He added that the parent reporting the threat had no firsthand knowledge of what was said so the threat was unsubstantiated.

"So the rumor spread quickly," Martwinski said. "We spoke to the child and the mother last night and the threat was determined not to be credible."

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