MERCER — The Mercer County Department of Voter Registration and Elections broke ties in 47 races from the Nov. 7 election through a drawing of lots held Wednesday at the county courthouse.

All of the ties were for municipal auditors and poll workers. All but four of the elections were won by candidates receiving one vote.

With the drawing, Election Director Jeff Greenburg said his office will now inform winners from the election and present certificates to office holders. Municipal election winners who do not want to serve in their elected offices should inform officials from their home municipality. Election judges and inspectors who want to decline their offices should contact the county election department.

Municipal winners: Delaware Township auditor, William E. Anthony, 2 votes; Fairview auditor (6-year term), Andy Patterson, 1; Fairview auditor (4-year term), Gary Hlusko, 1; Greene Township auditor (4-year-term), Lindsey Carr, 1; Greene Township auditor (2-year term), Adesta Banko-Mastowski, 1; Hempfield Township auditor, Jamie Allison, 1; Jackson Center auditor (6-year-term), Linda Ramsay, 1; Jackson Center auditor (4-year-term), 1; Laura Root, 1; Lackawannock Township auditor (4-year-term), Esther Lazor-Zrile (4-year-term), 1; Lackawannock Township auditor (2-year-term), Laura Root; Pymatuning Township auditor, Rick Whitten, 1; Shenango Township auditor, James O’Brien, 1; Springfield Township auditor (4-year term), Chris Dumbroski, 2.

Judges of elections: Findley Township, Kris Rowan, 1; Greene Township, Barbara Calvin, 1; Grove City 3, Maureen Walsh, 1; Hempfield 3, Bruno Novak, 1; Hermitage SW-1, Karrie Frances Johnson, 1; Hermitage SW-2, James Bortner, 1; Sharon 4-6, Sandra Andree, 2; Sharpsville 2, Tom Butler, 1.

Inspectors of Elections: Farrell 1-3 majority, Thomas Clark, 1; Farrell 1-3 minority, James Morrison, 1; Findley Township, Dorrin Mace, 1; Greenville 1, Michael Greenaway, 1; Greenville 2, Carol Nay, 1; Greenville 3, Erin Reed, 1; Grove City 1 majority, Cathryn Uber, 1; Grove City 1 minority, Emilie McFeely, 1; Hermitage NW-2 majority, Thomas Crisan, 1; Hermitage NW-2 minority, 1; Hermitage NW-4 majority, Dennis Staul, 1; Hermitage NW-4 minority, Marcia J. Radcliffe, 1; Hermitage SW-1 majority, Karrie Frances Johnson, 1; Hermitage SW-1 minority, Scott Lewis, 1; Hermitage SW-2 majority, James Bortner, 1; Hermitage SW-2 minority, Gregory Reichert, 1; Hermitage SE-1 majority, Kristoffer Bach, 1; Hermitage SE-2 minority, Mattew Ian Bentley, 1; Hermitage SE-4, Dorothy Stefanak, 1; Mercer North majority, Frank Curl, 1; Mercer North minority, Charles Schwartz, 1; Pine Township 2, Sue Hamilton, 1; Sharon 1-1 majority, Jesse Riffle, 1; Sharon 1-1 minority Margaret Hamelly, 1; Sharon 2-3 majority, Andrew Martin Frank, 1; Sharon 2-3 minority, Jeff Thompkins, 1; Sharon 4-2 majority, Alexandria Jackson, 1; Sharon 4-2 minority, Kathy Puhala, 1; Sharon 4-3, Shawn Small, 1; Sharon 4-6 majority, Christopher Paul Myers. 1; Sharon 4-6 minority, Nick Cerroni, 1; Sharpsville 2 majority, Tom Butler, 1; Sharpsville 2 minority, Robert Rannard, 1; Sharpsville 3 majority, Pauline Radasevich, 1; Sharpsville 3 minority, Sharon Cline; Stoneboro, Cody Campbell, 1; West Middlesex, Joanne Womer, 1; West Salem West majority, Gregory A. Jones, 2; West Salem West minority, Frances J. Wilkin, 2.

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