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POTTER TOWNSHIP (AP) — President Donald Trump is coming to western Pennsylvania Tuesday to visit a multibillion-dollar ethane cracker plant under construction.

A White House official said the visit to the 386-acre site in Potter Township, Beaver County, that had been planned for last week before two mass shootings occurred will take place on Tuesday.

The massive Shell Pennsylvania Chemicals plant will convert natural gas liquids into plastic pellets to be used in manufacturing.

There are currently about 5,000 construction workers on the site.

Shell has said it expects to have about 600 permanent workers at the Ohio River facility, once it’s fully built and up and running sometime in the early 2020s. The plant will be operated by Shell Polymers.

When the plant begins operations, it will process ethane natural gas to manufacture plastic pellets that would be converted into plastic materials.

Mercer County business development agency representatives and elected officials have touted the cracker plant as a potential economic revitalization driver for the area. The cracker plant is located along Interstate 376, about an hour’s drive from the highway’s western terminus in Shenango Township.

Officials from Penn-Northwest Development Corp. and the Shenango Valley Chamber of Commerce have been among those in the area who have said the cracker plant could boost employment and encourage manufacturers that use plastic to relocate to the area.