SANDY LAKE TOWNSHIP — An accident damaged two vehicles and a building Friday morning.

Sandy Lake Volunteer Fire Department Chief Logan Downing said firefighters were called to an accident involving a pickup truck and a three-axle dump truck between 5:30 and 6 a.m. Friday. The accident occurred at the stoplight intersection of Main Street and Franklin Street.

Officers from the Mercer County state police barracks said Friday that the accident is under investigation.

The dump truck also hit a wall of Walker Sales and Services nearby. The secondary impact broke one of the business’ glass windows and damaged some of the building’s bricks, Downing said.

The driver of the dump truck was able to exit the vehicle and was taken to a hospital by a family member. However, the fire chief said two occupants of the pickup truck had to be rescued using hydraulic equipment.

One of the two pickup truck occupants was transported by helicopter from a landing area nearby on Lakeview School District property, Downing said. The pickup truck’s other occupant may have been transported later by helicopter.

Downing said the dump truck driver seemed to be up and mobile before being taken from the scene.

Stoneboro Volunteer Fire Company, Superior Ambulance Service and state police also responded to the scene, Downing said.

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