WEST MIDDLESEX – Until Shenango Township submits an invoice for a years-old $300,000 bill for what it claims is for maintenance at their shared sewer treatment plant, West Middlesex will not consider paying.

“That’s a damn poor way to conduct a business much less a government,’’ said borough council President Bob Lark. “You don’t pay a bill until you have an invoice.’’

Over the past year municipal authorities in Shenango Township and West Middlesex have been wrangling over payment for a bill on their shared sewer treatment plant. Shenango Township officials have said the bill was for necessary repairs to the plant dating back about a decade.

The total bill is about $312,000, Shenango Township officials have said, with West Middlesex required to pay 48 percent of that figure under an existing agreement. Last month Tom Hubert, chairman of Shenango Township supervisors, said he hoped the bill would be sent to West Middlesex sometime in July.

West Middlesex officials said they have no record of the bill, and Lark has demanded it be submitted along with details of the repairs before it will be paid.

“You don’t pay a bill until you have an invoice,’’ he said.

On a separate matter, Lark said council soon will begin working on its 2020 budget.

“We need to operate on the premise there will not be a tax hike,’’ Lark said.

In talking about the bridge celebration that was held over the weekend, Lark said the cost will be paid for from money leftover from the town’s 150th anniversary celebration five years ago and private donations.

“Not a single cent of taxpayers’ money will be spent,’’ Lark said.

The main construction work for the bridge, which runs over the Shenango River, was completed last year with minor work, such as landscaping, completed this year.