MERCER — A preliminary count of Mercer County’s write-in votes decided 32 elections, with 20 ties to be broken.

The county’s Election and Voter Registration Bureau will decide the tied votes by drawing lots at noon Friday, Nov. 22. Bureau director Jeff Greenburg said the county will contact all winners after the drawing.

All results are unofficial until ratified by the Mercer County Election Board.

The list of write-in winners does not include two candidates from the Shenango Valley who ran declared write-in campaigns.

Farrell Mayor Olive McKeithan, who lost to Councilwoman Kimberly Doss in the May Democratic primary, had announced a write-in bid to hold the office. But Farrell residents cast only 300 write-in votes in the Nov. 5 election, not enough to overcome Doss’ 647 votes.

Sharon Councilwoman Courtney Saylor, who was defeated in the city’s Democratic primary, launched a write-in campaign after primary winner Sharronda Faber dropped out of the election because she took a state job on the condition that she not engage in any political activity.

City residents cast 274 write-in votes, while Faber finished with 954 votes in third place behind Carl Aaron Sizer with 1,245 votes and Councilwoman Molly Corbett Bundrant with 1,174 votes. Faber won the third and final place on council and her victory will leave a vacancy council will have to fill in January.

Write-in votes for James Routh filled the final vacancy for Jamestown School Board. Routh finished with 61 votes, behind David Volosin (230 votes), Tracie Rae Runyon (218 votes) Kelli Mayer (203 votes) and Beverly Riley (157 votes).

Write-in winners for council and board of supervisors’ seats included the following (21 winners for tax collector and auditor offices not included):

• Clark Council, two-year term — Clark Eberhart, 7 votes.

• Greene Township supervisor, six-year term — Stephen Kennedy, 6 votes.

• Jackson Center Council, two four-year terms — John Chlpka, 7 votes, and Marvin McAfoose, 6 votes.

• New Lebanon Council, three four-year terms — Justin Oakes and Brent Miller, 23 votes, and Larry Shreffler, 13 votes.

• Otter Creek Township Supervisor, six-year term — John Canon, 6 votes.

• Sandy Creek Township supervisor, six-year-term — Rick Gall Sr., 7 votes.

• Sandy Creek Township supervisor, four-year term — Brian Harsh, 6 votes.

• Sheakleyville Council, two four-year terms — Neil Stallsmith, 9 votes, and George Wilson, 7 votes.

• Stoneboro Council, four-year term — Melissa Johnson, 9 votes. Ballot candidates Chris Ewing (154 votes), Roger Patterson (133 votes) and Glenn Moeller (116 votes) also won election to council.

• Wolf Creek Supervisor, six-year term — John Ligo, 4 votes.

The following ties will be broken Nov. 22 (16 ties for tax collector and auditor offices not included):

• Commodore Perry School Board, two-year term: Justin Zaker, Jason Snyder, Lori McCracken, Daniel Duane Beachy, Pamela Artman and Scott Artmen, all 1 vote.

• Jackson Center Mayor, four-year term: Dale Peters, Mary Ann King and Duane Christy, all 1 vote.

• Sandy Lake Council, four-year term: Philip Chalfant, Debbie St. John, Vernon Markwood, Ronnie Schilling, Andy Morris, Jim Schell and Matthew Saeler, all 1 vote. Ballot candidates Douglas Mays (132 votes) and Glenn Leech (125 votes) won election to council.

• Sandy Lake Council, two-year term: Debbie St. John, Brenda Knauss, Brad Doyle, Brandon Williams, Matthew Saeler and Timothy Clark, all 1 vote.

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