Readers posted the following comments on Facebook in response to an editorial, “Acker should do his job – and let us do ours,” which ran May 13 on The Herald’s opinion page

• Talk to me when you lose a loved one to an “accidental overdose,” all involved should be held responsible!! – Elizabeth Gregory

• Publishing the photos of the children was the most despicable pandering. The Herald got played by a clever lawyer and a client trying to escape her just punishment. Mr. Acker is a man of integrity. Of course Ms. Robinson popped out twins to delay punishment. All the children are collateral damage. She crossed a state line to pedal death. She is fortunate not to be in the federal system looking forward to a needle in her arm. – Linda Waldorf

• sounds like you are defending a murderer PS I do not know Mr. Acker – Sally Coates

• He needs to take some of that over inflated salary and fix his baked bean teeth. – Anthony D’Alfonso

• Wow. That’s quite the low level of journalism I’d expect from the herald. The writer is certainly going places....... – Andreu John

• People can’t stand it when you have a man in office that speaks his mind grow up people. – Dave Lehman

• Pete Acker is one of the most honorable men to hold office in Mercer County in a very long time! – Shannon Melinda

• There is not much balanced and fair at all in the Sharon Herald – I unsubscribed years ago and do not miss reading it at all – it’s one sided garbage – Annette Manilla

• Given the fact that Melissa Klaric published a RAPE VICTIMS name on the front of the paper today. I truly question her ability to be fair and balanced about anything. – Shannon Melinda

• In this case it appears that the writer is throwing the tantrum, however, I would like to also relay a direct quote from Mr. Acker 2 days after becoming acting DA that was made to me in a conversation. “It doesn’t matter what the truth is; it matters what I can convince the jury to believe is the truth”. So despite the childish writing style of this article, I can’t say I don’t believe Acker isn’t capable of being a complete tool as well. – Holly Trout Sauer

• Sharon Herald, why don’t you make yourself useful and do a story on a child that has been missing since JANUARY 2021. – Shannon Melinda

• I know nothing of Acker but I know it’s a 2 way street. Everything the herald publishes is liberal trash. I wouldn’t talk to you either. You aren’t reporters, You’re liberals trying to further your agenda. – Dan Quirke

• Looks like the herald is throwing the tantrum – Aislinn Q. Jordan

• Your paper sucks no matter what story you write. I could write a garbage story thicker than your whole paper. – Chewie Love

• Why don’t they sentence the drug dealers instead of the people buying the drugs clean up the drug areas throw the dealers in jain for 23 years get the addicts help and throw away the key on the dealers. – Linda Trepasso

• He a bioch – Matthew Spohn

• Just another liberal paper with liberal viewpoints that are destroying the morals and ethics of the community... As we can see in the decline of population leaving the Shenango Valley, this is a direct result of the liberal viewpoints the Sharon herald spews... This is a drug ridden murder-laden sh*thole of a community, and the herald is clearly supporting drug addicts.. Mr Acker is very honorable... And if he told your paper to pound salt he was probably correct... Your newspaper 95% of the time portrays the stories incorrectly and inaccurately without doing proper investigation... Your newspaper sensationalizes all stories from a liberal viewpoint without accurate fact checking... This can be proven on almost every story you write at a fourth grade level... Have a good day you children... – Anthony Delgros

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