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Lynn Saternow

One thing about our president, he knows how to rub people the wrong way.

One of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while was a 5-second video of President George W. Bush suddenly deciding to give a back rub to German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a conference.

If you want to check it out, go to

He is walking behind the lady, when he suddenly decides to give her a shoulder massage. She quickly hunches her shoulders and throws her arms up to knock his hands away.

Bush’s move on the lady would have made Bill Clinton proud. You can bet Laura Bush wasn’t too pleased after seeing that. It was a good thing the chancellor was sitting down or maybe Bush would have patted her on the behind.

I can imagine the warning that’s now going out all across Europe:

Beware — Dubya will Rubya!

• Bush is never one to pass up a photo op. After vetoing legislation that would have funded further stem cell research last week, he grabbed a chance to speak to a specially gathered group that included a lot of parents holding little kids who supposedly were born from the use of frozen embryos.

He spoke of how unethical it was to use embryos for stem cell research because it would be taking a human life. Hey, isn’t this the guy that when he was governor of Texas set a record for prisoner executions? I guess using a few lone cells to help mankind if morally wrong, but it’s OK to kill actual walking, talking adults!

In a few years, I wonder what some of the same parents who were holding the kids and listening to Bush talk will think if their offspring are dealing with Parkinson’s disease or are paralyzed in an accident.

Stem cell research might have cured those ailments if it had been approved. I don’t think they’ll be clapping then.

• OK, I know my mind comes up with some distorted ideas once in while. But when I saw the article about a gas leak at the Oakland Avenue viaduct recently, my first thought was:

Man, what if the bridge that took five years to build suddenly blew up?

With our luck, an explosion probably would have just thrown the bridge angle off about 3 degrees, which is what caused the original problems with completing the construction in the first place.

At least then the old “BOB” bumper stickers (Build Our Bridge) of Mayor Bob Lucas could be put back to use as “Blew-up Our Bridge.”

• Hey, maybe those “BOB” bumper stickers could be used for “Boot Out Bush.”

Herald Sports Editor Lynn Saternow writes this column each Saturday for the Opinion page.

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