People miss out on satisfaction from hard work

APA roadside banner beckons potential employees in March outside Channel Control Merchants LLC, an extreme value retailer and exporter of brand sensitive secondary market inventories, in Hattiesburg, Miss. 

When did ‘work’ become a four-letter word?

When did America become a nation of softies?

When did our quest for pleasure override our need for meaning? When did we decide we would rather live on other people’s money than work for our own?

I wasn’t here at the time, so I’m not an eyewitness, but I’ve read stories about the hard times the pioneers went through to settle our country. That was definitely not a time for wimps.

It wasn’t that people were bigger or stronger or smarter back then — at least I don’t think they were — but they had to have a stick-to-it attitude. If they didn’t, they died. There was no safety net to help them out of any dilemma, no government to step in to the rescue.

So, what has changed in the last 300 years? What has made people who once declared their independence become dependent on a governmental entity for their wants and needs?

Are we smaller or weaker or dumber than our forebears? Have we lost our stick-to-it attitude? I think a lot of people still have that attitude and I sure wouldn’t want to discourage those who do.

I think that, because times were tough way back when, parents want their children now to have it better and easier and more of everything. They don’t want their children to get hurt or suffer hardship.

Trouble is, if this trend continues, where will we find people to do the hard stuff? Or anything?

Who will dig the ditches and wash the dishes and make the things we use in our everyday life? Who will provide for the needs of those who don’t work, if no one wants to work?

Already jobs are going begging. Everywhere I go, I see signs outside of local businesses: “Help Wanted, Apply Within,” “Now Hiring, Apply Online,” “Looking For Smiling Faces.” It has been that way for years and it seems to be getting worse.

Why is the rate of unemployment so high when there are so many job openings? Have young people had it too easy and expect others to provide for them? Do they want to be paid more than the job pays? Are they still living with Mom and Dad?

It’s sad to think that people are willing to sit back and let others do it – whether it’s work, vote or help others in need.

It’s even sadder to think that some people will not know the satisfaction of a job well done.

(Dorothy Burchett is the author of the book “Miles and Miracles,” available on Amazon. Contact her at

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