Man, sometimes it’s hard to find something to write about. Anybody know of anything different going on that isn’t business as usual?

What’s that? Oh, yeah, good point. There is that coronavirus thing!

Who would have ever thought that something like that could shut down almost everything we have come to know. And, of course, we all wonder if we are overreacting, or it is overblown.

I have always put my faith in science. I could be biased because I have a bachelor of science degree in biology, with minor concentrations in chemistry and physics.

Scientists and doctors have no reason to mislead us as to the seriousness of the situation, just as they are serious about the effects of global warming. These people have IQs much higher than the average citizen, other than some column writers of course.

Yes, the normal flu kills as many as 30,000 people some years. But that is a small percentage considering the number of people who come down with the disease each year.

The latest projections that coronavirus kills between 3 and 4 percent of the people who contract it is somewhat staggering as compared to the small numbers with the regular flu. 

Yeah, I know. Some think 3 or 4 percent isn’t that many. It is if one of those is a member of your family.

This disease is deadly. It has killed my 401(k) already!

There have been five or six mass extinctions on this planet over time. And I always thought that either disease or nuclear war could result in the next one that wipes out most of humanity. Hopefully, we are not there yet.

Never take viruses or bacterias lightly. We are told to use antibiotics sparingly because bacteria can build resistance. Anyone who has seen the effects of MRSA can attest to that.

Evolution or mutation of species, from the smallest microbes to the biggest animals, is not unusual. That’s why we look the way we are today and can walk on two feet, while other animals are on all fours.

Still, there are people who tend to panic sometimes in situations like this. Does anyone really think they are going to stop making toilet paper and that we need to hoard it?

Remember, you always have this column if need be.

I fully understand that we should avoid big crowds. And we should dive into a vat of bleach if someone coughs on us (Just kidding, DON’T do that!).

They tell us to wash our hands a lot with soap and water for 20 seconds. That’s right, 20 seconds. If you only do it for 19 seconds, you are a dead man.

There are two other things everyone can also do at this time – laugh and love. Laughter truly is the best medicine, and love will find a way. Wait, that second part would make a great song.

Suck it up and quit pointing fingers at the president or Republicans or Democrats or the media or China or Charles Darwin.

And most of all, don’t worry. I also have great faith in our scientists to come up with a way to curb this strain of virus. They are the ones who truly will Make America Great Again.

LYNN SATERNOW of The Herald writes this column each Saturday for The Opinion Page. He can be reached at