HAS there been a more terrifying situation? The world must be coming to an end. Harry and Mehgan are pulling away from their royal duties. Yikes, is nothing sacred?

OK, of course I’m kidding. Why would I care what happens with the royal family in England?

Climate change has Australia on fire, our president is up for impeachment, we are near a war with Iran, and I’m not sure what’s the latest on the Kardashians. So how could anyone care about the goings on in England since we fought to break away from them in the 18th century.

Here in Mercer County we have a lot more to worry about. In particular the fact that we are forced to spend a ton of money to run a special election to replace the vacated seat of state Rep. Tedd Nesbit who won a Mercer County judge’s position in the November election.

Are you kidding me?

The regular primary election will be held here April 28, but the county is forced to hold the special election for Nesbit’s 8th District seat on March 17. That’s St. Paddy’s Day, but it’s certainly not the “Luck of the Irish” for Mercer County where taxpayers have to foot the bill to set up voting machines in 31 precincts of the county.

The 8th District covers eastern Mercer County and part of northwestern Butler County. The state will fill vacant seats in Bucks and Westmoreland counties the same day (i.e. more money wasted).

So I guess the state feels that the 200 other representatives — who don’t do much all year a lot of the time anyhow — couldn’t get along for a few extra weeks to have the special election lumped in with the regular election?

People in the know tell me this special election is being pushed by Republicans because they feel that the turnout for their party won’t be very big this presidential year like it will for the Democrats, since Trump will be the only one on the ticket. And they don’t want to take a chance on extra Democrats being added to the legislature.

However, if you look at the area of Mercer County involved in this election, there is virtually no chance that a Republican would lose. You could count the registered Democrats on one hand — OK, maybe there are a few more than that. Two hands and one foot.

But still, this is a terrible waste of money and just another example of a state that has a horrible government structure. It could be simple: Since Nesbit was Republican, the party should have been able to name someone immediately at the start of the year to serve, and that name would appear on the primary ballot.

The legislators are up for re-election every two years anyhow. And we have far too many of them to begin with.

If only common sense prevailed and our state actually cared about the people and the amount of money that is wasted on far too many things. But it doesn’t and they don’t.

This may not be England, but this special election is a “royal” pain!

LYNN SATERNOW of The Herald writes this column each Saturday for The Opinion Page. He can be reached at lsaternow@sharonherald.com.

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