Pauline Harris


On Nov. 2 I went to the mailbox to get The Herald and I was shocked to see the front page and read the cruelty that was done at the Habish Farm. I have been around animals all my 79 years and all animals, even chickens, have feelings.

Can you even imagine what those animals went through? Tears are running down my cheeks as I write this.

The people that are guilty of this should be punished. It was done for Satan on Halloween, a satanic day.

More celebration is done on Halloween than for Christmas. We celebrate when Christ was born and that He came to redeem us from our sins so that when we die we will go to Heaven to be with Him.

I am appalled and disappointed to think that many churches who they claim are Christian celebrate this satanic day.

Everyone has a payday, maybe not today or tomorrow but I know it will be in their lifetime.

I know the picture hurt many people but it had to be told. These people are our future. It is very scary.

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