Franklin Brown


Seems like the voters are slowly getting some of the message: The 109th “Do Nothing Congress” did enough to enrich their benefactors and contributors and have stagnated or worsened the financial future of the struggling working average American.

The House of Representatives in this last session worked mightily to pass as much gifting as possible to their special interest friends that it’s sickening. This same seedy bunch had not the energy or will to enact the federal budget. Of course this Congress only put in a full legislative day on Wednesdays when in session, as they worked a partial day on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I certainly hope Nancy Pelosi has the willpower to keep her promise of a five day, week and maybe these varmints will actually read the bills that are up for a vote so we won’t have the multiple excuses of members of Congress saying they didn’t read some of the bad legislation they passed. And wouldn’t it be great to have a government that isn’t veiled in so much secrecy?

And isn’t it great the bumbling, manipulative, deceitful George Bush recently won a victory through his Supreme Court? With new Justice Sam Alito casting the winning vote, we now can witness a decline in honesty and integrity in government.

If a conscientious, honest and patriotic government employee dares t0 be a whistleblower against thievery, dishonesty and rip-off contracting in government, he or she no longer can be guaranteed employment. All tyrants and crooks in the government can celebrate Bush’s hollow victory.

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