Bud McKelvey


Here’s something that needs to be said.

I agree with Lynn Saternow on 99 percent of his ideas when he writes on the opinion page of The Herald, but think he should seriously think about a different profession when it comes to sports writing. Maybe the Browns could use him as their public relations man, because every year he has them 10-6 or 11-5 and the Steelers 6-10 or 5-11. Need I say more?

Now, to get down to something that’s important. A while back I watched CBS News and they had a spot about the chief executive officer of Japan Airways.

This man ate in the cafeteria with his employees, took public transportation back and forth to his job and received a salary of $97,000 a year. His company is profitable, his employees are happy and when he flew he didn’t fly on a corporate jet, he flew coach on his own airline.

The way it works in this country is that a CEO receives millions in salary and bonuses on top of that. They have use of corporate jets and charge everything to the company.

If you make millions of dollars at any job, you should pay your own way for everything, like meals, jets, lodging, entertainment and any other perks.

After they have helped milk the company dry they still think that they should receive their millions so they cry to the federal government to bail them out.

Would these leeches be willing to eat in the company’s cafeteria, take public transportation to work and settle for a salary of $97,000 a year? If not, they should hit the bricks and see if another company will hire them at that ridiculous salary to help put them out of business.

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