Jerome and Susan Boland

Jackson Center

When the Mercer County judicial system allows a decision to be firmly made that grants less than 50-50 joint legal and shared physical custody for a child of separated and divorced couples, what message does this send to parents? What is the ultimate ramification of these decisions on the children?

Of course, we are all aware that without both a man and a woman conception does not occur. The judicial system cannot argue this fact.

Why then should a court decide that both parents are not needed in a child’s life and grant less then 50-50 custody? Is it fair that a mother receive more custody just because she gave birth to the child?

Who will ultimately pay the price for these poor courtroom decisions? I say it is society, the mental health system, and the already overburdened court system that allows favoritism to occur.

Giving birth does not qualify a woman as a better parent. A woman should only be considered as an equal parent to that of the child’s father.

If America truly promotes and believes in equality then grant both parents equal time with their children. Our future depends on it.

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