It came to my attention yesterday that the Sharon Sheetz will be closing when the new Sheetz goes in Hermitage. Recently Sharon has lost Pat Catan’s and Papa John’s Pizza, not to mention how much closer the old Wal-Mart location was to Sharon.

In downtown Sharon I see more empty businesses, more houses up for sale and more vacant houses some of which have sat fire-damaged for extensive amounts of time.

Sharon is going downhill fast!

The loss of Sheetz is going to affect the area profoundly. Many people who live near the store do not have vehicles. Sheetz allows them to get small things they need in order to hold them over until they get to the grocery stores (all in Hermitage).

There are countless homes for mildly disabled people and Sheetz allows them the freedom of walking or wheeling to a store and making purchases on their own.

Outside of the fact that we will lose a convenience store we are losing a gas station. Of course there is Country Fair, which is much farther from the downtown area, not to mention uphill even more.

My family lives within a few blocks of Sheetz and we go there often. I purchase my gasoline, my children often walk to get a snack and they have great food that we enjoy.

They have tons of customers so lack of business can’t be a reason to close the store.

Sharon residents should call the corporate office of Sheetz at 1-800-487-5444 and voice disagreement with the decision to close our Sheetz. After all what makes up the city of Sharon? The residents do!

We have to make our voices heard or our city will become nothing but empty buildings that will draw arsonists and drug trafficking.

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