Richard Bugher

West Middlesex

The legislature is now buckling to our senator’s preference for local voting on raising wage taxes rather than an increased state tax that they prefer. Our property tax problems exist now because of localization.

Advocating a vote to raise local wage taxes is like reinventing a broken wheel. Whether it is “localized” property tax or “localized” wage tax, it is not fixing the problem.

The scenario remains the same either way with an aging population, decreasing student enrollment and increased expenses for the schools. Reducing property taxes by increasing wage taxes only shifts the problem; it does not resolve it or school districts’ funding needs.

Increasing state taxes (income and sales) would be a type of consolidation that has been impossible to get accomplished at the local level. I’m told it will never happen because of Eastern Pennsylvania, but the only real solution is the total elimination of our property taxes.

If our state lawmakers make any property tax reduction but do not eliminate this unfair tax completely, or at least create a frozen flat tax that cannot be increased, you can be assured of one thing. Whatever reduction we see will only be temporary.

One day in the not too distant future we will be paying higher wage or income taxes and see our property taxes increased to the very level they are now and beyond.

Any non-believers only need to look to Mercer and our county commissioners for proof. We were lied to about the assessment change. The only real surprise was how fast we were slapped with an increase.

Mark my words; it will happen unless pressure is put on our officials to do this right the first time. If not, they will be back-slapping themselves so hard it won’t ever be addressed again in the foreseeable future.

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