Howard Hillman


Does it seem as though the United States has become topsy-turvy? Perhaps a lot of the blame lies with TV media.

They show over and over events that merit only a mention. Items about people are overdone, such as Natalee Holloway, Scott Peterson, Cindy Sheehan and Kobe Bryant.

A great deal was made of the Tuskegee Airmen getting a gold medal recently. As a feat of arms from World War II, their accomplishments pale beside the Midway Navy fliers.

The skies over Germany were twice as deadly as Italy. What about the Rangers on D-Day? Over 50 percent killed. We could name Iwo Jima, the Battle of the Bulge and many others more severe.

How about the importance given to the rights of illegal immigrants? Did they worry about the recent tax deadline? Whose gasoline do they use for their rallies?

What about education? TV news delights in the reporting of plots and nasty teachers. Is this suggestive to maturing minds? It seems as though the more money pumped into education, the worse education we get, but education issues make great TV fodder.

Last of all, we have the biggest TV target of all, our president and it seems he earns that distinction. If we would think of the United States as a house, we have George on the front porch, guarding the door with a paintball gun (Dick might also be there with a shotgun). Meanwhile coming in the back door are people taking the house away.

So you might say, the president has a rock in his eye and can’t see any illegals. A rock in his ear, he can’t hear the citizens suffering from hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and floods.

A rock in his throat he can’t dislodge. A rock in his head because he didn’t read Islamic history and tries to do what nobody in history has been able to do.

Iraq, Iraq or a rock, a rock. Only the vowel is different.

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