Pedro Calleja


There were two recent articles sandwiched in between news that four more GI’s had died in Iraq that really ticked me off to no end.

The first one was a picture of young Iraqi men sitting on a park bench moaning that they couldn’t find jobs due to the high unemployment in the country. In case they don’t know it, their country is in total disarray. Someone needs to get their sorry butts off the bench and into the army.

The second one, in a way, is even more aggravating. The prime minister was trying to convince the parliament into not taking the month of August off for vacation. Am I missing something?

Someone should tell the Iraqi leaders the good old U.S. of A. has many thousands of troops in their country trying to keep their country afloat and they want to go to the beach for a month. In that month many Gl’s will die and many more will suffer horrific wounds

To hell with their sand, their camels and their oil. Bring our troops home.

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