John M. Kurilla


At the May 21 Brookfield School Board meeting it became apparent to me that Judge Thomas A. Swift made a horrible mistake in appointing Kelly Carrier-Bianco to fill the empty seat for the school board.

There were other candidates more qualified.

At the meeting, Ms. Bianco reportedly said fewer students would mean the district would need fewer teachers. This was an apparent response to a dozen teachers being laid off and students leaving the school district.

She also had a chance to stop the hemorrhaging of taxpayers’ money by supporting a resolution to cease all appeals of the State Employment Relations Board ruling on the teachers’ contract and the busing suit but she failed in her duties.

The SERB hearing has cost close to $500,000 in legal fees all over a three-year teachers’ contract that would have cost the district about $30,000. Then there is a busing lawsuit that has cost about $60,000 to date and counting.

President Joe Pasquerilla has stated it would cost about $70,000 for a driver and a bus. Never mind that there is a bus going by the very same school that several students attend.

There was also a vote taken to explore whether to put an operating levy on the ballot. A school district in such dire straits as Brookfield doesn’t need to explore if a levy is needed. You either step up to the plate and put one on the ballot or not.

I have an idea. Take the state money for the new school and find a district where the school board really cares for the education of the children and send the state money to them. They will have the students to fill a new building.

Then use the $2.5 million from local taxpayers and build a new one-room school. That is all Brookfield will need for the future, according to Kelly Carrier-Bianco.

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