Patricia A. Morgan


A recent editorial letter to your paper accused senators Robbins and Santorum of the unforgivable sin of “campaigning for office.” The writer has obviously missed Ed Rendell’s 24-hour-a-day TV blitz but that’s another story.

If we don’t hear accurate information about these senators, perhaps we should question the local media as to why that’s the case. I have seen scores of press releases about Sen. Robbins’ legislative undertakings faxed to the local media. If and when any mention is made of accomplishments or benefits to our area, Sen. Robbins’ name is generally conspicuously absent.

Then there’s Sen. Robbins on TV calling the governor “his excellency.” Please note, this is the appropriate title of respect for our governor, not an insult. Facts are slippery; inflammatory allegations are a dime a dozen.

During his many trips to our area, Gov. Rendell (a Democrat) has lauded Sen. Robbins for his hard work and countless accomplishments for this community. His record, for anyone concerned enough to actually check the facts, speaks for itself.

As to “popping up” at election time, Sen. Robbins is always available to his constituents. I can assure you, the legislators would much prefer just doing their jobs. Campaigning is exhausting, exacting, expensive and sadly, essential to the process.

Readers should communicate with our legislators who are hard-working champions for our community.

I suggest readers research the accomplishments of our state and local senators; (information is available on many government sites) rather than be suckered into the same old lies that have been bantered about for the last decade.

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