My family would like to thank you for choosing our story to report on. When I wrote the initial letter to the newspaper I never expected anything. We feel The Herald did a really nice job with the story and the follow-up article. We wanted to also let you know that the writer you sent to our home, Joe Pinchot, did an excellent job. I know he was only doing his job by coming to our home and speaking with us, but he seemed to genuinely care and it was very obvious that he�s a very good person. You should be thankful to have him on your writing team.

We do have a problem and thought maybe you could help. We�ve had an enormous outpouring of support from the community and we wanted to thank everyone. Unfortunately, most of the people who extended that support did so anonymously. We have no way to express our gratitude. I wanted to say thank you and I was hoping you might be able to print it for us. I�ve seen in the paper a place where people have said thanks and I didn�t know if we could have this put in there. If we have to pay something for you to do that, we will. It�s the very least we can put in there. You may only want to put a small portion of this in but this is what we would like to say:

Our family would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone in the community that extended their love and support to us in our time of need. Although it was completely unexpected, it was enormously appreciated. We would like to thank each and every person personally, but unfortunately most people who showed their support, did so anonymously.

To simply say �thank you� just doesn�t seem like enough. There are no words that can adequately express how much you all have touched our lives. Your kindness and support has given us new hope and we look to the new year with a more optimistic attitude. We are anxious for the time when we can pay forward the support that has been given to us.

To everyone who gave their support, kindness and love, we say, �Thank you.�

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