Floy Moreira

Wilmington Township

In the June 29 letters, I agree with Deb Woge about recycling being harder. I have friends who are very discouraged.

They save their recyclables and have no place to take them, especially in the West Middlesex and Hermitage areas. They have looked further afield for places to deposit it or just junk it.

I am thankful that Wilmington Township, Mercer County, still has a place for these items.

Many of us want to recycle to help the environment.

And I disagree with Bill Calvert. He should have to take the safe driving class. It’s scary to see what happens in accidents when people don’t wear safety belts while driving.

People can get hurt while wearing safety belts but the risk is much less and there are fewer deaths.

One of the reasons to wear safety belts is it will keep the person from being thrown from the car where they are often killed.

Also if there is a rollover (the fourth-biggest killer in an accident) the person is held in place instead of bumping around acting as a battering ram.

And a child! This outrages me the most. Being a mother, I would rather hug a live child after an accident than a dead child during and after an accident.

I hope Mr. Calvert’s choice to wear no helmet while riding a motorcycle doesn’t cause a sobbing family at his choice of death — disregarding them.

His letter shows he is only thinking about himself and not the safety of others.

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