Howard E. Hillman


In ancient times creatures of many sizes roamed the earth. Some were carnivores, meat eaters, with sharp teeth.

Others were herbivores or plant eaters. The former lived on the latter.

Modern dinosaurs come in several types. There are business, religious and sports dinosaurs.

Our politicians have nourished the development of large corporations that consider only the bottom line.

I have recently gotten two “Dear valued customer” letters from telephone companies, one here and one in Florida.

The one in Florida, when a smaller dinosaur, had good service. Then they changed dentures and I got bitten on the service.

It’s frustrating to call some businesses and get into the push numbers game.

I like to see which business lets me get to a live person the quickest. I also rate their music on a scale of 1 to 10.

We have big oil, big box stores and big banks.

My big bank in Florida has changed names several times. Every time, I get a new ATM card and a booklet of 20 to 30 pages telling of rule changes.

The print is so tiny my old eyes can’t read it, so I hope I am playing fair. I always wondered what they do with their old expensive signs.

The biggest dinosaur of all is sports. It is nice to have a variety of entertainment but do we need the long multi-season sports of baseball, basketball, football and hockey?

How much energy could be saved by a 10 percent cutback? Think of NASCAR races. I wonder if they are in the EPA’s mileage average.

Then we have religious dinosaurs. Through TV, Christianity has become a big herbivore. It thrives on green (money).

Then there is the scary religious dinosaur with sharp teeth known as Islam. Any flesh will do.

It sometimes thrives on its own kind, but anybody outside Islam is food for its consumption.

With the development of ethnic gangs in our country and Islamic organizations around the world we have toothy dinosaurs aplenty. The only place to find peace is in the dictionary.

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