Franklin Brown


The CIA may never have had the respect it thought it deserved. Sometimes it shined — sometimes not, but we like to believe it knew what was happening around the world.

Now it seems like an agency that forgot how to do basic research and have a handle on long term trends in various regions of the world. The falling off in efficiency may have started when the Republican Senate had its way and failed to confirm Tony Blake — Clinton’s security adviser — and confirmed a familiar friend — George Tenet.

If you want to become a millionaire in a cabinet position, go for Interior, Homeland Security or Defense. Profitable contracts can return manyfold opportunities in positions with friendly, benefited industries. Makes some people wonder how many financial Benedict Arnolds we can tolerate in one-party government.

Infidels on Muslim territory as occupiers seems to bring the holy terrors out in force. Of course if you have a 60 percent jobless rate what else to do but hate with fury and seek a glorious, nonexistent afterlife by testing the big bang theory of destruction?

By now al Qaeda numbers pale in the expansion of the “I want to be a terrorist club.” What a hideous ambition — to hate so much as to kill friendly countrymen and enemies alike with no regard to one’s own life.

I certainly hope democracy takes root in Iraq but how many lives, billions of dollars and years will it take and will our intelligence apparatus continue to be political or will it one day become effective?

Bush ought to be really proud of one of his latest victories, especially after all the corruption in his administration. Thanks to an ultraconservative Supreme Court decision, whistle blowers’ jobs are no longer under protection.

This means questionable deals and profiteering this Bush machine has been party to can continue in Iraq and on the golf course. Now they can get away with even more.

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