Robert W. McKay

Grove City

Most everyone is familiar with the game of poker. One thing you never do is show your hand. By invading Iraq, we did just that.

By showing our vulnerability to guerilla warfare, the enemy has been emboldened. Civil war has broken out and for all purposes, Iraq is lost.

Hezbollah seized the moment in order to start a war with Israel. Israel could be falling into the same quagmire as we did in Iraq.

Will the war hawks of the Pentagon never learn? You can’t fight a guerilla war on foreign turf. Did Vietnam and Korea teach them anything?

What if the $300 billion, spent on the Iraq war so far had been put into alternative fuel production? We might be free from the stranglehold of OPEC.

But what would our poor oil companies do, like the one which posted over 10 billion dollars in quarterly profits recently. Bush family ties to oil go back four generations. Any wonder why gas is $3 per gallon and rising?

We must not forget Dick Cheney in all this. His daughter was on a talk show recently. She stated the war was going just the way we wanted it to.

I guess that when the company your father was CEO of makes billions from the war with no-bid contracts, you’re happy with how it’s going. If it’s going so well, why don’t Ms. Cheney and the Bush twins volunteer for duty in Iraq?

I hear recruiting is down. Maybe they could boost morale.

Then, we have our old buddy, Rumsfeld. Here’s a man who recently visited the troops in Iraq and stated, “They have tried to start a civil war and have failed.”

When he stated this, nearly 100 Iraqis a day were dying in sectarian violence. Rummy should be in a nursing home playing checkers and eating oatmeal. There would be a lot less people dead.

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