A piece of history. Your history.

The Sharon Fire Department is trying to refurbish and to resurrect the bell that once called firefighters to the scene and warned residents that there was a fire.

The bell is part of Sharon’s story — and a memory for some of the firefighters as well as their parents and grandparents.

The bell is a sentinel from the old days when there was no internet, no cell phones.

If there was an emergency and residents had to know something quickly, there needed to be a signal that all would recognize.

And in this city, and likely many other cities, that was a bell.

This piece of nostalgia made its way around the city when the firefighters, led by Paul T. McSherry, decided they needed to do something about preserving it and bringing it home to the fire station.

And now they need our help to make it happen.

Donations are needed to assist with the refurbishing of the bell and to create an appropriate and safe showcase for it.

Giving for a project like this does not have to be a large donation. Hitting a modest goal like this one — about $8,000 — can be reached if residents kick in even a small amount. The city can save this bell and give it the respect it is due.

The bell was forged in 1876 and did its duty for generations. Like so many of the historic buildings and landmarks in this community, it is a marker of a different, simpler time. It is part of the story that built a city along a river — and later a roaring steel industry.

One of our most marketable aspects as a community is the history that is preserved here.

There is architecture and natural wonders that are landmarks — glimpses into another time and another way of life.

And while we celebrate the new stuff, the technology that now makes the communication and information systems we once relied on obsolete, it is a good idea to remember also where we came from — and the community and future our ancestors built.

The bell’s story is Sharon’s story. Preserving it allows us to share with our children and grandchildren how we got here — and the challenges that our forefathers faced as they created the city we now call home.

There are historic artifacts and locations all over this county and in every one of its communities.

Preserving those treasures is part of our job as the next generation charged with moving this county and community forward.

You cannot forge a new and successful path unless you honor and learn from those who have come before you.

Making our history a priority and learning about the landmarks and treasures we have here, and saving them, is our gift to the next generation.

So, send a check for $5, $10, $20 or $100 or more to the Sharon Uniformed Firemen, Local 417, Attention: Bell Project; 155 W. Connelly Blvd., Sharon, PA 16146.

You will not only be honoring your history, but supporting a group of firefighters who never hesitate to answer an emergency call. Now, you can answer theirs.

And when that bell rings again, you can say you were a part of making it happen — and tell your children and grandchildren its story.