Jerry I. Zolton


It is a distinctive mark of immaturity for Lynn Saternow to pepper his juvenile columns with cheap shots directed against President Bush.

Last Saturday’s installment had nothing to do with the president at all and yet Saternow saw fit to sneak another ridiculous insult into his column stating his preference to see the president kept out of the country rather than the millions of illegal aliens. This seems to be par for the course for Saternow.

Many of his columns deal with subjects that have nothing to do with President Bush but he somehow manages to insert digs at the president in almost all of them. Obviously Saternow is obsessed with Mr. Bush.

Saternow apparently fancies himself a sophisticated satirist like Jonathan Swift. Actually his columns are those of a spoiled child who sticks his tongue out and blows a raspberry at the object of his displeasure. That is not satire. That is just unsophisticated contemptuous rudeness!

Saternow is but one of the self-important, narcissistic segment of our generation that emerged from the era that took us through the Kennedy assassination, Vietnam and Watergate. That segment — which Saternow personifies — continues to wallow in an unhealthy and destructive cynicism. Unfortunately they are still predominant in the media, the culture, Hollywood — both movies and TV — and our public schools and universities.

They are now growing old and age has not improved them. They plan to finish as they started — in pessimism, sarcasm, contempt and sneering. I hope and pray that America soon might see the last of this bitter and loathsome rabble — egotistic and self-righteous in their youth; repugnant and repulsive in their decline.