Sen. Arlen Specter shouldn’t dare vote in favor of the current stimulus package before the U.S. Senate.

This economy needs tax cuts NOW; tax cuts for all classes of tax payers. We need payroll tax cuts, capital gains tax cuts, corporate tax cuts, and incentives for savers.

The recent bipartisan bailout package passed by the last Congress – $300+ billion already dumped down a rat hole and $300+ billion to be doled out now, stinks. Everyone knows it and so does Specter.

Now, he wants to support a 2nd package of close to a TRILLION dollars or more with most of this amount going to pork barrel spending that won’t affect the economy for 2 or 3 years out.

Mercer County and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania need help for jobs now, not for jobs years in the future.

I will actively support Specter’s primary opponent with money and volunteer help to seek his defeat in the next election should he vote in favor of this bill.

If other Herald readers have a similar outlook, e-mail the Senator or call his office at 412-644-3400. Time is short.

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