Bill Calvert

New Wilmington

Richard D’Arcangelo in his recent letter to The Herald, disagrees with my point of view on the seatbelt law.

I can appreciate his view on this issue. What I can’t appreciate is his suggestion that I am very, very uninformed about what I said.

Maybe I shouldn’t have said that I think most cops feel it’s a ridiculous law, but I will say that any that I have talked to about it agree with me that it is ridiculous. As for the price of the fine, I just got busted for seatbelts on Memorial Day weekend and know very well what the fine was.

Information doesn’t get any better than firsthand experience. If we want to be specific, the fine itself was $10 and with the other costs it totaled $60. I don’t know where Mr. D’Arcangelo’s figure of $25 came from unless that’s a guideline amount set by the state or something.

Anyway, if someone wants to correct me, I wish they would first get all the information. Now I wonder about his other facts and figures. Were they right or weren’t they?

He said 20 percent of the people don’t wear seatbelts. That means that 80 percent do! There’s no way. Maybe 50 percent, if that. That is probably a calculation taken from citations given for other traffic violations and most people that weren’t wearing them said they were to avoid the extra fine.

Anyway, I think seatbelts are great for those who want them but why does anyone want the law making personal decisions for them? We’re all grown up now.

Let’s take a little responsibility for ourselves. The more responsibility we give to government, the less freedom we’ll have for ourselves. 

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