Kelly and Dave Guido


Too often we pick up the paper and read of negative things happening with our youth today. We enjoyed the recent musical at Hickory High School and the work of the cast, stage crew, directors, orchestra and everyone who had a part in putting the musical “South Pacific” together.

We say this not because we are the parents of one of the cast members but because we were honored to have the opportunity to see a great production. As parents we were proud of what our son achieved but we were also proud of each and every one of the students’ performances. 

Coming from different cultures, different races, athletes and nonathletes, it took each and every one of them to make it the success it was. 

These students learned what it meant to put in long hours of hard work which consisted of weeknights and Saturdays, many of them juggling school work and part-time jobs so they could be dedicated in the rehearsals for their play. 

The adults who took their time to work with these students and show them how to reach for the stars and make them their own also deserve praise and applause. 

We definitely have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to the talents that the students of our communities have to offer.  We need to remember that it does take a village to raise our youth of today and they definitely are going to give back what we put into them. 


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