THE WORLD is chaotic today.

Whereas our parents and grandparents were able to enjoy the peace of rural life, we juggle buzzing phones, breaking news and stories that make us shake our heads and wonder what this world is coming to.

So, it is good that we still have a holiday that makes us think about our blessings.

There are many reasons to be grateful in this county this year.

We start with the obvious one.

There are many of us who will sit down at a table today surrounded by the people we love — or friends we have taken into our fold. That is a reason to be thankful.

And for those who are without family or the means to enjoy a special dinner, there are volunteers in every corner of Mercer County making sure that they will not be forgotten today.

This community’s heart, spirit of giving and compassion for others as well as the troupe of volunteers who make it all happen — those are especially good reasons to be grateful this holiday season.

This is a community of faith. Our churches are strong, and their congregations are dedicated to serving not only their parishes but also their communities.

That is always a reason to be thankful.

And then there is the bright future. Mercer County is poised for some big moves in the coming year — and a lot of people have worked very hard to make those possibilities possible.

We should be thankful for the leadership at the local, county and state levels that is focused on this community’s future, not its past, as well as the businesses and investors who are taking a chance on that future.

Those are reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving.

And let’s not forget about one of the most important parts of living in Mercer County.

This Thanksgiving, we should pause to think about the values our parents taught us and the legacy they left of hard work, honesty and a sense of duty and community.

This is the character that is the backbone of this community.

Our stories and our history, those are absolutely reasons to be thankful.

As always, it has been a pleasure to share your stories this year. We marvel often how lucky we are to be able to be your community newspaper.

So we pause today to thank you for being there to support the freedom of the press and the right to free speech in this county. We might not always agree, but we are stronger because of the debates we have and the ideas we share.

We think that having a community newspaper that not only celebrates the good stuff, but also keeps an eye on those who do the people’s business, that is a reason to be grateful, too.

And we are grateful that you help us make it possible.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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