Judy Johnson


As the economy worsens and jobs are going in a rapid downward spiral, I can�t help but think about the Hermitage commissioners voting down the development plan for the Walmart area of North Hermitage Road. It included several really nice stores that probably would have brought more shoppers to the area in these troubled economic times.

One department store that badly wanted in the development attempted for nine years to locate in Hermitage without success. It decided Greenville�s open commercial area friendlier to work with. As a result of the construction of Peebles in Greenville, the store and vice president who chose the location was awarded �top store in sales� in the Northeast region of the country.

Other businesses refuse to comply with all the demands and requirements of Hermitage officials and just move on. There are many �For Sale� signs here, but word is out and businesses do not want to waste their time being hassled and refused permits.

Many people coming in our store to regretfully sell collectibles they did not want to part with, said they had no choice. They are desperate for money due to a recent job loss.

When I tell them there were 200 jobs offered in a development plan that Hermitage commissioners voted against, they just voice disbelief that any area would turn down such an offer. Especially in these times.

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