John R. Beveridge


The opium wars or trade wars of the orient in the 19th century are reminiscent of our present culture. Today we have armies both private and government-sponsored vying for control of the world’s drug markets.

Our war in Afghanistan is a prime example of America’s war on drugs or should we more correctly say America’s war for the control of drugs. Just as Britain’s navy brought China to its knees with the opium war of 1840, the United States is trying to impose its will on Afghanistan today.

The clash of missionary versus mercenary mentality for the destruction or control of the drug trade impacts the world.

Just south of our southern border are drug cartel-controlled cities in Mexico where anarchy reigns supreme.

The frenzy of drug profits has corrupted the entire Mexican national government. Huge profits from the “drug industry,” both legal and illegal, have caused America to adopt a basically open border to accommodate “trade” in drugs.

The washing of high drug-related profits has led to counterfeiting, human trafficking and the purchase of whole industries in order to white-wash this abominable cancer on society.

The drug problem can and must be cured. The penalty must be death. Making it a capital crime is the only way to solve the problem or we will forever be at the mercy of governmentally sanctioned drug cartels.

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