Voters of Trumbull County have a unique opportunity this election to elect a commissioner for Trumbull County to fill the unexpired term of the late Paul Heltzel. J.D. Williams comes not from the current political establishment, but is someone who has an established record as a leader and administrator.

As a resident and graduate of Liberty Township, he earned a degree from Ohio State University’s Fisher School of Business where he prepared himself to excel in leadership and decision-making.

Entering the Air Force as an enlisted person, Williams rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel, earned many commendations, served in Iraq, and was an instructor pilot. Lt. Col. Williams, through his leadership and sound decision-making abilities, became commander of the 757th Airlift Squadron at Vienna. Having retired from the Air Force, he is currently a pilot with United Airlines, and a member of the Airline Pilots Association AFL/CIO.

As commander of the 757th, the fourth-largest operation in Trumbull County, handling millions of tax dollars, men and material, he has distinguished himself as a person who can make hard and competent business decisions, and responsibly act with people throughout the community.

Running for a two-year term, he has pledged to be a full-time commissioner, while still flying on weekends.

I believe Williams has the background and experience to bring a new perspective to Trumbull County. “JD” deserves your consideration and vote in November.

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