Biden backs ruinous fracking ban

Joseph Evans



The Nov. 12 edition of the Wall Street Journal included a report on western Pennsylvania: "Working-class voters" in Erie County.

By way of its proposed New Green Deal, the Democrat Party intends to eventually prohibit the production of "fossil fuels," i.e., oil and natural gas produced in the Marcellus Shale region, including Mercer and Erie Counties.

In spite of denials when he campaigned in Pennsylvania, Biden did in fact promise as president he would ban, or otherwise regulate out of existence, the economic miracle that is hydraulic fracturing technology, commonly known as "fracking."

In the last dozen years, fracking has been fundamental to U.S. energy independence from foreign oil, lower gasoline prices, employment gains, and economic growth in western Pennsylvania and nationally.

The WSJ report included quotes from "working-class voters" who live and/or work in Erie County, explaining their support for Biden as some variation of dislike of the President.

If Biden and Democrats ban fracking, our region, and many of those same "working-class" Biden voters, will experience job losses and catastrophic economic damage.

Flirting with economic suicide because "working-class voters" do not like Trump's personality is evidence of the efficacy of the demonization of Donald Trump, and the false charges of "illegitimacy" 24/7 for the last four years.

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